Jonathan McDonald

What is your nickname?

Where do you primarily ride?
Bear Mtn

What made you start snowboarding?
Child hood friend told me to drop the rollerblades and pick up a Snow stick

What’s your favorite board to ride?
My favorite board is whatever that can hold on for the wild ride!

Favorite riding story if you have one?
Favorite story is when I did Triple backflip at SuperPark 13!

Why do you love to snowboard?
I love to snowboard cuz it’s my Escape from what life can bring! So EVERYTIME I strap in I make the best of everyday cuz I’m thankful I went from the hood to the woods!

When you aren’t snowboarding what are you most likely finding yourself getting into? 
When I’m not snowboarding I’m hanging with my little homie Loki (cat) and working on my Subaru Fozzy!!

What is your favorite area on the mountain? Jumps, rails, natural terrain?
My favorite area on the mountain is taking hot laps through the park without stopping till I get back on the chair!

Where do you see yourself in five years snowboarding wise?  Traveling to another country?
I most def see myself still on a board in 5 years!! I plan on having my own Video Channel called MIN W/ MAMBA and having my own pro model board! I plan to still be staying on the west coast but most def travel to Canada, chile, and New Zealand to knock them off the bucket list!

Do you have a pre-boarding ritual or something you need to have on you at all times on the mountain?
The only ritual I have is before I leave the house, I throw my own party to start my own Vibe right, throw on one of my favorite songs and rock out in my house before I step out so I start my day off by killing it on the way out! #MAMBAMADNESS