Mountain Vibez was started in February 2016 by Justin Desmond with the input of close friends. Mountain Vibez officially went live November 1st of 2017. He runs it with the help of Mountain Vibez Co-Owner Emily Sorger and their core team. When Justin created Mountain Vibez his objective was to not only create a snowboarding company but also a family where passion and the love of snowboarding outweighed years of experience and where judgment is not tolerated. Passion for snowboarding is what brings us all together and makes us a family. Along with creating a snowboarding family, quality snowboarding apparel, we are a Non-Profit with an outreach program called “Good Vibez N High Fivez” where we take less fortunate kids out to snowboard (See Giveback page for more details.)

Our Mission

Mountain Vibez is a family of snowboarders ranging all across the spectrum. Our community is based around everyone feeling accepted and not embarrassed to try new things. We support those who are just starting out, have never been down a black diamond, in a terrain park, or in the backcountry and encourage those who are experts to keep progressing and reach their full potential. Our Non-Profit is dedicated to enriching the lives of disadvantaged youth by sharing our passion for snowboarding in hopes of demonstrating the benefits of positive outlets. With all expenses covered, we provide those youth with one on one fun-filled lessons given by members of our team. We partner with local organizations who have similar goals to put on the event called “Good Vibez N High Fivez”.

Our Family

Our Family is made up of Team Riderz, Repz, and Ambassadorz all around the world. Meet our Team Riderz and Photographers!

What We DO

We are focused on apparel, giving back to the community, and hosting fun mountain events for everyone to get involved.

Our Apparel

We focus on producing high-quality products that can be worn on and off the hill with pride. Our apparel line is more than just a nice looking t-shirt or beanie; it represents everything we stand for here at Mountain Vibez and those who wear our logo are viewed as a friend on the hill, mentor, coach, family member and part of a non-judgmental snowboarding community! A portion of all sales goes directly towards our giveback events helping abused, less fortunate, and at-risk youth learn the benefits of positive outlets.

Mountain Takeover Events

What better way to create a fun and friendly atmosphere where people can come together to share their passion for snowboarding than a mountain takeover? During these events, we will have meet and greets with our Team Riderz and Repz local to the area, host competitions and have tons of giveaways; it will be a party on the mountain. Take a look at our events calendar, we hope to see you there!

Giving Back To The Community

Our Mountain Vibez family has found happiness in the world of snowboarding. This sport allows us to forget our worries, illnesses and our struggles and we want to share that same feeling with disadvantaged and at-risk youth. With that, Good Vibez and High Fivez was born.

The Good Vibez and High Fivez charity events will be hosted at participating resorts and will give disadvantaged and at-risk youth the opportunity to go snowboarding with our Team Riderz and Repz for an entire day. They will have a private lesson to learn more about snowboarding and the benefits of having a positive outlet. We believe that every kid deserves to have a positive outlet in their live regardless of their current situation to help prevent them from turning to self destructive habits. If we can put a smile on at least one child’s face, then we have succeeded! Help us give these disadvantaged youth a day they deserve by donating. As a Non-Profit, all donations are tax-deductible and a receipt will be provided.