About Us

Good Vibez Non-Profit was co-founded in September 2019 by Justin Desmond and Emily Sorger. We were incredibly excited when we officially received our 501(c)(3) status to continue working on our events. Our Non-Profit is dedicated to enriching the lives of disadvantaged youth by sharing our passion for snowboarding in order to demonstrate the benefits of positive outlets. This is accomplished by our  “Good Vibez N High Fivez” events we do throughout the season. We thrive on doing these events at as many locations as possible and are always working on expanding. Passion for snowboarding is what brings us all together and makes us a family which is why we want to share that feeling with the youth in communities who need it most. With all expenses covered, we provide those youth with one on one fun-filled lessons given by members of our team. We partner with local organizations who have similar goals to put on the event. Mentors and youth alike get to share the stoke of snowboarding together during these fun filled days. For more information and video edits about our Non-Profit events, please click here.

Our Co-Founders

Justin Desmond 

As someone who knows the importance of giving back to his communities, Justin knew he wanted to create an outreach program shortly after starting Mountain Vibez. He felt strongly that he wanted to target disadvantage, abused, and at-risk youth to help them through snowboarding. Since Justin was a kid, he used snowboarding as a positive outlet in his life and is excited to share that with others through our Good Vibez Non-Profit events.

Emily Sorger

Emily is a recent Computer Science graduate who advocates for and teaches underrepresented youth in her community about computer programming. As an avid snowboarder and someone with a passion for giving back to those in need, Emily was thrilled with the opportunity to Co-Found a Non-Profit helping disadvantaged youth. Her favorite part about our events is seeing the faces of both mentors and at-risk youth light up while they are snowboarding since it is all about having fun. She is a firm believer that everyone deserves to have a positive outlet and is elated to continue bringing “Good Vibez N High Fivez” events to mountains all over the globe.

How YOU Can Help

We would not be able to do our events without the support of members from our community. We host many events throughout the season and are always looking for willing participants to mentor a kid for the day. Click here to see our Event Calendar. If you are unable to make it to our events, and still want to help, please feel free to donate to our cause. Every donation is tax deductible and allows us to get the supplies we need to take  more and more disadvantaged youth snowboarding!