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Episode 8: We invited a seasoned legend Brandon Wagner (@handsomeparty) who is also a Mountain Vibez Rep to chat with us. We had the honor of hearing about Brandon’s unbelievable journey in snowboarding, how much it’s changed over the years, and some of his best advice for the new generation of snowboarders.



Episode 7: We invited three of our up and coming newest Mountain Vibez Repz Nicole (@nicolehall.22), Ryan (@ryanhuggins__), and Maddie (@maddiemff) to get their fresh perspectives on the industry while talking about all things snowboarding.



Episode 6: In this episode we talk with the man behind the lens- Special Guest Mike Dawsy to learn all about his snowboarding photography journey, creative process, and advice. Tune in to hear about our special Framed Print raffle fundraiser of an epic shot of Host Nate Haust photographed by Mike Dawsy. 



Episode 5: In this Episode we invited Lucas Foster to talk with us about his Olympic aspirations, journeys, and the changes he wants to see happen within the snowboarding industry. 



Episode 4: In this Episode we got the opportunity to talk with Halfpipe Olympian and Happy Heathy Brain Foundation CEO Jake Pates. We talk about his snowboard experiences and how his injuries lead him to create multiple amazing projects.



Episode 3: In this Episode we invited Washington Legend and Special Guest Kim Ewing to tell us about her epic stories and experiences being a female in snowboarding.



Episode 2: In this Episode we got to have a conversation with the well known creator of Board Archive– Special Guest TJ Kern. We get to know him better, talk about tips and tricks, discuss recent events like X Games, and talk about all things snowboarding.



Episode 1: In this Episode you will get to know a little about your hosts including Professional Snowboarder Nate Haust, Mountain Vibez Co-Owner Emily Sorger, and Industry Wizard Jarett Shinoda. Listen to hear some insight into who the Non-Profit Mountain Vibez is and who won our most recent giveaway.


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