Mountain Vibez: Trip to Colorado & New Product Release

By Kim Ewing

Photo Credit: Reda Ruokyte

On December 1, 2018, Mountain Vibez Riderz and Repz stood at the top of Loveland Pass in Colorado together as one family. The objective, none other than to snowboard and slash pow all day.

For many it would be the first-time meeting each other and would quickly learn their friendship was far deeper than snowboarding after day one of sharing a single bathroom Air BNB in Silverthorne.

Summiting Loveland Pass, a five car train long. More more than 15 Mountain Vibez riders went barreling down the open face into the trees, discovering drops plummeting into pow, tree taps, and step-ups, the stoke was undeniably exceptional.

One Chevy pick-up waits for the team where the hairpin turn meets the ravine, each rider piling in or hitch hiking to get back to the top could not delay the never ending pow laps. Uncountable backseat drivers and a constant need to stay hydrated, the shuttle was essential to keep the team going until it was “too dark” to ride.

The Mountain Vibez company has established repz and team riderz all over the globe, brought together from various backgrounds, but it is much more than a typical ambassador program. Sit around the dinner table with this group, and you will understand that most have professional backgrounds, unique skill trades, and all but one love for snowboarding and the freedom it brings to them.

Mountain Vibez, without ego or judgement welcomed the family with an opportunity to show each other the real love for snowboarding shared amongst each other.  That is truly rare to find, and as the company grows, we will continue the Mountain Vibez mission in all our snowboarding affairs.

Beyond this, the new apparel launch of the neck tubes in partnership with Phunkshun Wear, are double layered, water resistant and made from recycled bottles.  With each purchase, 5% is donated to the, Mountain Vibez Charity, Good Vibez & High Fivez.  USE CODE: KIM10 to save!!!!

Good Vibez & High Fivez is a non-profit outreach program dedicated to enriching lives of the disadvantaged youth with the opportunity to experience snowboarding alongside the Mountain Vibez team. The 2019 event is in partnership with New Mexico Xtreme Sports and will be hosted at Pajarito Mountain on January 19th.