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Welcome to The Shred Blog; a blog dedicated to like-minded snowboard obsessed people who believe in living a passionate life. As beautiful and inspiring as pictures are, they never tell the whole story behind an experience, that’s where words take over. Words can move you; they can transform you and can ignite a passion within you – that’s what we are hoping to do.

The Shred Blog will bring you snowboarding stories, gear reviews, tips, tricks and more to inspire you to get out there and live the shred life! If you would like to contribute please fill out the form. Have a specific blog topic request? Let us know and we will do our best to write about it!

Kevin Wetzel-My Story

The moral of the story before I start: Watch out for each other on the...

Chasing an Endless Winter

It’s finally snowing here on the Northern Hemisphere and it’s time to dust off that...