Karlee Andrews

What is your nickname? If you have one?
Karlitos- came from a drunken tequila night.

Where do you primarily ride
Northstar and Boreal In Northlake Tahoe!

What made you start snowboarding?
I remember my cousin taking me to snowboard for the first time and I face planted the entire way down. Little does he know he opened up a whole new world for me because I fell in love that day with the adrenaline it gives you and the drive to get better and progress.

What’s your favorite board to ride?
Space metal fantasy from Capita!!

Favorite riding story if you have one?
One of my favorite riding stories is when I was in Japan chasing the pow and it kept raining and only being sunny during our trip there, and our very last day in the Hakuba Mountains it dumped snow and we all got to experience one of the best pow days that was unforgettable!

Why do you love to snowboard?
I love snowboarding because it is the one thing I can do that completely clear my head and the feeling I get when I land a new trick or have the best pow turn is amazing.

When you aren’t snowboarding what are you most likely finding yourself getting into?
If I’m not snowboarding I am usually outside hiking, skateboarding or traveling the world!

What is your favorite area on the mountain? Jumps, rails, natural terrain?
My favorite area is the terrain park and mostly jibbing… unless it’s a POW day of course!

Where do you see yourself in five years snowboarding wise?  Traveling to another country?
In five years I see myself still snowboarding and hopefully traveling to more countries and places for it! I feel like I am able to combine two of my passions with snowboarding and traveling. 

Do you have a pre-boarding ritual or something you need to have on you at all times on the mountain?
Not really a ritual but I feel like I always have to have snacks or have a good breakfast before a day out on the hill and stretch out all my previous injuries with some yoga!