Sean Monahan

What is your nickname? If you have one?

Where do you primarily ride?
I primarily ride at Bear Mountain

What made you start snowboarding?
I started snowboarding because I liked how it looked an I have been skateboarding ever since I could remember so it looked like skateboarding to me in a way. I didn’t really like skiing anyways.

What’s your favorite board to ride?
My favorite snowboard to ride is any DWD snowboard. They are all so amazing!

Favorite riding story if you have one?
mmm favorite riding story is gonna have to be getting banned from a ski resort for doing a backflip.

Why do you love to snowboard?
I love to snowboard cause it’s a type of therapy To me. I could be having the worst day mentally an go snowboard an clear my mind an be happy. It’s hard to explain.. but I love making new homies. Making the best memories with my friends an traveling with them to different resorts. It’s amazing.

When you aren’t snowboarding what are you most likely finding yourself getting into?
if I’m not snowboarding I’m either skating or riding 110’s in the woods with my friends or just chilling.

What is your favorite area on the mountain? Jumps, rails, natural terrain?
my favorite area on the mountain is everything I love riding rails, jumps, quarter pipes, hips, POW. Anything I just love being on my board

Where do you see yourself in five years snowboarding wise?  Traveling to another country?
in 5 years hopefully I’ll be snowboarding year round or going to LAAX that’s the dream.

Do you have a pre-boarding ritual or something you need to have on you at all times on the mountain?
I don’t have a pre boarding ritual I just jump on my board as soon as the snow hits the ground and see if I can make something work. An I just gotta have water on me at all times.