Steven Yatko

What is your nickname? If you have one?

Where do you primarily ride?
Eldora Mountain Resort

What made you start snowboarding?
I’ve been skateboarding ever since I remember but I wasn’t the best at flipping the board but I always wanted to ride like the pros, then when I was 12 my mom got me a snowboard for Christmas and I gave it a try a few weeks later. I quickly fell in love with it because snowboarding was like skateboarding but the board was stuck to my feet!

What’s your favorite board to ride?
I ride a few different models from Affinity Snowboards, they’re awesome!

Favorite riding story if you have one?
Showing up to Nationals for the first time after only ever riding terrain parks in New Jersey and just seeing the massive copper jumps, I was so scared, but I pulled it together and landed my run and was so stoked I actually made it to the bottom alive.

Why do you love to snowboard?
I love to snowboard because I can learn new things everyday and see the results, and I love meeting people on the mountain or just hearing people be stoked from the lift, its so infectious.

When you aren’t snowboarding what are you most likely finding yourself getting into?
If I’m not snowboarding you’ll find me gaming, or hanging out with some friends enjoying what life has to offer.

What is your favorite area on the mountain? Jumps, rails, natural terrain?
Definitely the jumps in the terrain park, they’re just too much fun when you’re feeling it on a good day.

Where do you see yourself in five years snowboarding wise?  Traveling to another country?
In 5 years I hope to continue riding, and hopefully partially professional. I really would like to keep snowboarding in my life and my life revolving around snowboarding for a while. Hopefully I can keep making videos with my friends that other people like to watch!

Do you have a pre-boarding ritual or something you need to have on you at all times on the mountain?
Not really, I just always have my iPhone with me to record videos because you just never know when you might be feeling a new trick and want a friend to film it or if a friend decides to try something new. You always need a camera!